Episode 86 Celine E86

Celine (55 mins) This mature hottie is definitely a MILF, with an hour glass body and legs that just won’t quit. I have to say she was turning me on with her cheeky smile and nonchalant attitude. She came into my office well dressed and in desperate need of a good servicing. A lady who knows what she wants, and even if she is older than most of the girls who come on my couch, she has a wealth of experience which makes all the difference. Her husband was not giving her enough attention in the bedroom. It seemed to me unfair that a hot woman like Celine was not getting appreciated, such a waste. No wonder she found herself wound up in my office asking for a job in the adult industry, a woman’s got needs. I’d like to think that I injected some well needed excitement into Celines life when I sprayed my man juice all over her elegant face. Her husband will be sorry when he’s on his own in some lonely hotel searching the internet for porn and sees his wife getting serviced by yours truly.