Episode 74 Kyra E74

Kyra (60 mins) When Kyra walked in I half expected her to light up a spliff. She was intriguing me with her fashion and nonchalant attitude. It’s the first time I’ve ever slept with a girl with dreadlocks, but I must say this girl was turning me on. I wanted to get balls deep in this hippy chick. I just wanted to slide my dick all over them dreads, and kept wondering what it would be like to get my cock tangled up in them. When I started to interview her I was pleased to find that she spoke good English. It’s always a relief for me when they can speak English, it just makes things a lot easier. She went on to explain that she needed money for her band, to buy musical equipment and other band related stuff like new guitar, drums and microphones…. I was a little surprised when she said she played the drums because she was so skinny, but it was a good thing because she had lot’s of rhythm which she displayed when we were having sex. It turned out to be a great session and by the end we were both worn out. After I’d came in her angelic mouth I told her she could get all the music equipment she wanted and I complemented her work with my microphone.