Episode 96 Victoria E96

Victoria (38 mins) Victoria the sexy waitress gave me an instant boner when she strolled into my office. Her butt looked so fine poking through her skin tight jeans, I couldn’t wait to see what was laying in wait underneath. She wanted to be a fashion model in magazines, and maybe do some bikini shoots, but I had other things in mind for her…. I told her I was making a movie and that maybe I could get her a role in it if she did what I said. So I had her take her clothes off and act out what I would need from her in a movie. She was lapping it up doing everything I wanted from her. I must say it was a big turn on for me. Another good point about Victoria is that she didn’t have a boyfriend which was great because jealous boyfriends can be problematic. After I baffled the sweet girl with the appropriate amount of bull shit, I moved in for the kill. I told her to use me as a guy in a sex scene and she crawled on top of me and started caressing my body. We had amazing sex, I think she will go far one day when she finds a real agent.