Episode 77 Anastasia E77

Anastasia (58 mins) I’ve seen a lot of breasts in my time as a fake agent, but these are some of the finest that I have ever seen. When she whipped her top off I squealed with excitement like a stuck pig as they stood their awaiting my eager hands and mouth. I had met Anastasia in a bar and when she discovered what I did she was more then eager to try out for an audition, and more then willing to let me do just about whatever I wanted with her. This woman has the cutest, naughtiest looking twinkle in her eye, and she couldn’t get enough of my bendy meat pipe. She sucked on my cock like it was the last piece of meat on earth and it wasn’t long before she was riding my cock with the expertise of a show jumper. Her pussy was phenomenal and her asshole was tighter than a fat guy in spandex. She let me creampie her pussy at the end and I must have emptied about a gallon of Jim juice into and over her pussy. Like I told her, I don’t care if she never wants to work in this business I’m just glad I met her. Well I can’t get her any work anyway, but I think she could be a rising star if she just goes to a genuine agent!