Episode 80 Bianca E80

Bianca (57 mins) Wow, I love strip dancers, they’re skilled in the arts of seduction and not afraid to embrace their sexual desires. Their sexy moves let a man know that they will be absolutely filthy in the bedroom, and this girl was no exception. She was turning me on with her come to bed eyes and enhanced lips. This girl didn’t have a clue what I was talking about though, because she was from Romania. I had to get a friend to help me translate my words to her. It was a little bit tricky because I had to use the speaker on my phone in order to do so, but luckily it seemed to do the trick. Mind you, I don’t think she needed much convincing as she seemed like she was up for anything. She had the most amazing tattoo on the side of her body, it was very impressive and must have hurt like hell to get it done. This girl was amazing at sucking cock, and with those lips it’s easy to see why. The way she was licking my balls almost made me off load prematurely but luckily I managed to go to that special place in my mind which prevents ejaculation…. I tried on numerous occasions to get inside her ass but it wasn’t to be, she didn’t want me venturing up her delicate bum-hole unfortunately. Her finishing move was amazingly executed and I was helpless to resist her, I bolted all over her face as she power wanked me into oblivion.