Episode 81 Erin E81

Erin (66 mins). When Erin arrived in my office, all blonde hair and big tits, I thought I might have a problem getting her to fuck me. You see she has already been in the adult business for 2 years so I thought she might be wise to me and cotton on that all I’m after is a fuck. But within minutes of being promised work in Japan, she was mine for the taking. This girl has a great pair of natural tits that felt like soft marshmallows as I squeezed and pulled on them. You could tell she has had some experience in the industry as well, as she could suck an ice cube through a straw. Some fantastic blowjob skills and when it came to sex she had more tricks then a clowns pocket. All the positions she did with me felt great as her pussy gripped my cock like a limpet on a rock. After fucking her in doggy, spoon position and cowgirl she treated me to a great view of her awesome ass as it smacked against lucky Jimmy Junior. This girls ass was perfect for me, not too big and not too small as I stretched her pussy out from behind it took all my concentration skills not to just pop and burst all over her derriere. A great fuck all round and an excellent performer. I wont feel too bad about not getting this girl any work however, after being in the industry for 2 years you would have thought that she would have been a lot wiser when it came to the casting couch. Ah well, I think I’ve helped her and all these girls with a valuable life lesson, and as soon as I know what it is I’ll let you know. I love my fake job.