Episode 90 Bella E90

Bella (47 mins). Every now and again I get a casting which is as easy as shooting fish in a barrel. Bella came to my office with high dreams of being a big fashion model in Paris, she certainly had the height for it and was quite the attractive blonde. She had fake tits but they looked quite natural and felt awesome in the hands. After I mentioned that I had work going in the adult business in Paris she basically told me that she was willing to do just about anything to get the job. So out came Jimmy junior. She wolfed down my cock like it was a Eurostar ticket and I was very impressed with her deep throat skills, what with Jim Junior having the girth of King Kong’s finger. It wasn’t long before she had her lithe body bouncing all over my cock. It had been a dry three days for me without any action so it wasn’t long before I surprised even myself by pulling out as I fucked her from behind and coating the room with an impressive spray of baby batter. I wasn’t finished with her yet tho, her incredibly tight pussy was aching for another entry so I took a ten minute break and ploughed into her once more. Bella really is a great fuck with amazing oral skills and was one of the easiest castings I’ve had. I hardly had to say my usual lines before we we’re rutting like animals. Not sure if she could get into the fashion industry with her fake tits but I guess I’ve made her famous in my own special way.