Episode 93 Jane E93

Jane (46 mins) Jane is a smoking hot brunette with come to bed eyes and a highly charged sex drive. She’d seen my ad in the paper and sent me an email saying she would like to get work. In the email she said that she wanted to do a porn shoot with her boyfriend. She was extremely nervous when she came in,which made it difficult to communicate with her. I think it was because of all the cameras on her, so it took me a short while to get her to relax. After a while and some convincing she loosened up and started telling me what she wanted out of this business. She went on to tell me she needed to get work to earn money because she wanted to move to Prague. When she told me that she’d had sexual experiences with other girls I was pitching a tent under my desk, I couldn’t wait to start fucking her. I asked her how many times she had sex in a week, and she responded with about 11 times, that’s a lot by anyones standards. When the initial shyness wore off she was a lot more relaxed, and seemed happy to take her clothes off for my pictures. I could tell she was getting horny by the whole situation so when I revealed my salami she pounced on it. She was great at sucking cock, and was keen to try all the positions that I threw her way. I must say I really enjoyed my Wednesday afternoon with Jane.