Episode 85 Gina E85

Gina (64 mins). Gina, in my opinion, is one of the prettiest women I have ever had on my casting couch. She has a beautiful smile and a very cute and sexy way about her. Her smile and sexy look lit the room up from the moment she sat down. She also has an ass that belongs in the museum of all time great asses. It has the shape of a finely crafted peach and her breasts are in proportion to the rest of her body, small and firm. I was harder then smith’s hammer before she had even taken her clothes off as I admired her shape and the way she walked. Lucky for me she was already in the adult business and so understood the way of the casting. But she had not worked with the boys and I decided to tell her anything she needed to hear so I could slip inside her. I offered her the best money and her eyes lit up like headlights, I could tell she was thinking of all the things she could buy. She was soon naked and I decided to go to town on her small pussy, licking and fingering her spasming hole.. After a fantastic blowjob that had my toes curling I decided to fuck her pussy, which in a way was a mistake. Her pussy was tighter then a camels asshole during a sandstorm and it was quite the battle to keep my balls in check. Just watching that amazing shape slide over and consume Jimmy junior was too much for a mortal man. I was soon plastering her pussy from behind with my man jam. An incredible fuck and so pretty and cute. She will go far in this business, but not with my help. Another great casting.