Episode 92 Natalie E92

Natalie (41 mins) Look out, we have a natural blonde with humongous titties on my couch... happy days. Natalie was turning me on so much with her eyes, she was staring into me and I'm sure was using some type of hypnotism. Fair play it took a lot of convincing for us to get her to take her clothes off and open her pussy. Thankfully I had my beautiful assistant working with me helping to break her down. The problem was that Natalie didn't want to work with guys, she just wanted to do lesbian scenes, which, as you can tell, is no good for me. However, after a bit of sweet talking from me and my assistant she agreed to do the photo shoot and see how she was feeling after that. I got her to use the dildo and get all horny, then I started to strum my cock in front of her. After that, it didn't take long for things to escalate into a full blown sex session. Yes way... As I said previously I think this girl hypnotised me because, strangely enough, I blew my load after about 5 minutes. It was as if the girl had some sort of magical pussy which I was powerless to resist. Luckily she let me go back for seconds so I could redeem myself to some extent. Here's a little message to any guys who work with Natalie: be careful this girl has a dangerous pussy, and in future I'm sure she'll make many men spunk prematurely!